Hi, my name is Igor. I make websites.*

*I've been known to make other things, too. Curious? See my work!

I am a self-taught, self-learning web designer and builder from Opole, Poland and currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I've worked on web projects from conception to launch, responsible both for the design and build, but I am comfortable delivering whatever assets you may require—from wireframes and static mock-ups to working prototypes.

Throughout my life, I have worn many different hats and gladly accepted new challenges—working as a journalist and radio producer, a construction worker, an interpreter. I began learning to program at age 13 and built my first website at 19, but it wasn't until four years ago that I decided to give what used to be a hobby of mine the space it truly deserved.

I take pride in my craft and love the power of effective communication. It wasn't until recently that I realised that my previous occupations have a great influence over what I make and how I approach the process, striving to create unique, lasting and relevant experiences and products.